Missing Teeth Or Loose Dentures?


The revolutionary benefits of TeethNow Dental Implants are the solution you’re looking for.

What Are TeethNow Dental Implants?


TeethNow Dental Implants are the newest breed in implant dentistry. Dr. Kaplansky uses TeethNow Dental Implants to replace multiple missing teeth. TeethNow Dental Implants can even be used to replace a full arch of teeth often in as little as one short visit – completely transforming a patient’s smile from that day forward.

Free Consultation

We will find out exactly what is going on and give you all of your options.

dental implants Lockport, NY

Treatment Plan

You’ll select a treatment you’re comfortable with and we will start.

dental implants Lockport, NY

Simple Procedure

We’ll help you get your smile back with TeethNow Dental Implants.

dental implants Lockport, NY

Convenient and Safe Treatment

Our proven procedure is all done in one location by one doctor. No need to travel to multiple locations and see multiple providers.

Natural Appearance

Using 3-D computer generated models, bridges are hand-finished to create beautiful teeth and gums that look completely natural.

Made Strong

Our implant bridges are made from the most durable dental material available - Zirconia. They do not chip, crack, break, or stain.

Full Functionality

Dental implants allow for patients to bite, chew, and speak without experiencing any movement, instability, or pain.

Superior Quality

Zirconia bridges are custom-made for patients with state-of-the-art technology. They are precision-milled and hand-finished.

A Permanent Solution

Zirconia bridges anchored by dental implants never need to be taken out and won’t chip, crack, or stain.

Dental Implant Solutions – Teeth In A Day


From regular check-ups to bridges and TeethNow Dental Implants, our caring professionals will treat your family’s dental health needs now and in the future.



The Fixed Zirconia Bridge is secured by TeethNow Dental Implants, the number of dental implants is determined by the bone volume and bone quality, and the final bridge is tried in for patient comfort and aesthetic approval and then screw-retained. Patients no longer need to worry about their teeth moving or falling out because this strong, durable, permanently attached bridge is a permanent teeth replacement.

dental implants Lockport, NY
dental implants Lockport, NY

Dr. Igor Kaplansky


Dr. Kaplansky’s professional journey began in Russia where he received his Doctor of Stomatology dental degree in 1993. In 1998 after graduating University at Buffalo, School of Dental Medicine with a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree Cum Laude, Dr. Kaplansky continued his training as a resident in the Advanced General Dentistry program at UB. Since 1999, he’s been practicing family dentistry with a special interest in dental implants. Dr. Kaplansky successfully placed thousands of implants and learned advanced techniques from surgeons in the US, Europe, Israel, and Brazil among others.


In recognition of his commitment to excellence and education, Dr. Kaplansky has received prestigious fellowship awards from the Academy of General Dentistry in 2003 and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists in 2008. With a passion for dentistry, Dr. Kaplansky loves helping his patients look and feel healthier. When not in the office, he enjoys spending time with family, traveling and the great outdoors.

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